Spoken Word Part 2


Here's part 2 of Wollombi Spoken Word night.  Enjoy xo

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Spoken Word Part 1


Part 1

Performing some of my writing at an open mic night on 1st December 2018 in Wollombi.  Always good to do something that scares/challenges/stretches you a little once a year or more!  This was one of mine to close out 2018 along with camera wobbles and colour balance craziness!  What’s yours?  There’s still time… little steps and celebration are two things worth cultivating, little steps because we’re always making progress (even if it feels...

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The Power of Your Voice

Connect to your power

The power of your voice

The kindness

The fierceness

The privilege of that choice


Connect to your power

The power of listening

Hear the whispering of your heart

Intuition is your art


Connect to your power

The power of your mind

To hold opposing views

To be kind in our judgements

To be kind in the blues

To remind our sweet mind

That it doesn’t control you


Connect to your power

The power of your soul

This has no words

Trust in the unknown


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Me Too

I want to live in a world where women feel safe,

to be who we are

without shame or disgrace.

To reclaim past suffering

as power & strength.

To laugh in a cacophony

in circles, in tents,

wherever we gather

to nourish our roots,

to be seen & heard

our thirst quenched with fruits;

The fruits of our ancestors

seeds as they marched.

The flowers from centuries

of broken hearts.

The tears that have watered

those seeds to grow

into choices, opportunities,

the privilege to show


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What I learned teaching yoga in a prison rehab project

“Dat was da bomb” were the words from one of the women as I finished teaching yoga relaxation.  Having moved through some resistance, this bright outgoing woman emerging with a big grin on her face.

Most of the women in the room hadn’t experienced yoga, meditation or relaxation.  The majority didn’t know how to relax their bodies.  Many couldn’t remember feeling a sense of peace in their minds from the constant bombardment of worry and stress....

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OM and Rehabilitation

OMmm…she started giggling… OMmm…her face crinkled up trying hard not to explode into laughter…OM….I love it when this happens, it’s spontaneous and can make me giggle too. At school I used to giggle a lot especially when being told off, then the teacher would feel insulted and go harder! This made it worse and resulted in a tennis match between being shouted at and laughing uncontrollably. I see now it was a release of nervous energy and the same for...

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Off The Mat, Voice and Community

The year is flying by and I’ve been diving into my work with the organisation ‘Off the Mat into the World’ Australia/New Zealand.

Since working with Off The Mat this year, we’ve held a teacher gathering in Newcastle where local Aboriginal Elder, Di Langham ‘Welcomed us to Country’.  Di does wonderful work in the community as well as holding down a full-time job working with the guys in the local prison.  I’m hoping to work with her on a...

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