Me Too

I want to live in a world where women feel safe,

to be who we are

without shame or disgrace.

To reclaim past suffering

as power & strength.

To laugh in a cacophony

in circles, in tents,

wherever we gather

to nourish our roots,

to be seen & heard

our thirst quenched with fruits;

The fruits of our ancestors

seeds as they marched.

The flowers from centuries

of broken hearts.

The tears that have watered

those seeds to grow

into choices, opportunities,

the privilege to show

their suffering wasn’t in vain,

it’s part of our DNA our pain,

as we speak we release

old stories of shame.

As women we value

and honour our essence,

we’re creators, nourishers

and fierce protectors.

We wake up to our worth,

we wake up to this re-birth,

reclaiming our right

to stand tall on this earth.

Reclaiming our space

for stories we share.

Reclaiming our voice

to be equal, to be heard,

to be equal, to be heard.


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