Finding Your Voice To Celebrate Your Loved One's Life


Sadly, my mum died in May this year, she was 76.  My dad phoned me and although it wasn't unexpected, the timing was and of course we can never time these things.  I'd desperately wanted to be there, or at least someone she loved be there, my dad was sick and hadn't been for a few days, nor my sister and I was back here in Australia, so she died alone in the nursing home after feistily refusing her breakfast that morning from the nurse.  I'm grateful she had a bed and...

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Heart and Advocacy

Nicky West
Heart and Advocacy

Being Present

It's been a while since I've posted here, time has morphed and I've adapted and morphed with it!  I imagine for many of us it's been a case of finding our edges, capacity and (hopefully) supportive resources.  I'm just back from a trip home to the UK, ahhh loved the long light days!  It's been 7 years, way too long and this trip was about connection with family and advocating for and with my parents as they navigate this next stage in life. 

My mum has...

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Showing up – what does it mean?

Showing up – what does it mean?

I decided this year was going to be about showing up.  To be honest I previously avoided this phrase, to me it meant putting on a song and dance whilst being everywhere at once all shiny and happy.  Of course, it doesn’t have to mean anything of the sort.   Life isn’t like that, there are rhythms and cycles with the result that our best intentions going AWOL at times. 

We’re more than halfway through the...

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Me Too

I want to live in a world where women feel safe,

to be who we are

without shame or disgrace.

To reclaim past suffering

as power & strength.

To laugh in a cacophony

in circles, in tents,

wherever we gather

to nourish our roots,

to be seen & heard

our thirst quenched with fruits;

The fruits of our ancestors

seeds as they marched.

The flowers from centuries

of broken hearts.

The tears that have watered

those seeds to grow

into choices, opportunities,

the privilege to show


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