For Small Business Owners, Coaches, Speakers, Directors, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, Educators, Creatives, CEO's, Facilitators and Community Leaders.

Unleash Your Voice and Speak with Confidence... 

(Even if the Thought of Public Speaking Makes you RUN for the Hills!)


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Limited spaces available for this session.  

Doors close February 5th AEDT (Feb 4th PST and ET timezones)

This program offers a space for you to feel seen, heard and celebrated!


Public speaking and voice programs can tend to focus on either physical voice exercises, body language and performance OR coaching around our inner voice and confidence, the beliefs that keeps us stuck in perfectionism or people-pleasing. 

This program is a synergy of both our inner confidence and self-belief and our expression of this through our physical voice and body.

  Embody Voice Confidence brings these elements together infusing the physical body and voice with inner confidence and self-trust you can't fake. 

 And guess what?!

This approach REALLY WORKS, you can BE YOURSELF and it FEELS GOOD!



"I feel more confident and self-aware"

 Working with Nicky on Voice Confidence has been an amazing experience for me in more ways than one.  Not only do I feel more confident and self-aware, I also feel my creativity has been unblocked and I am writing and feeling inspired again.  

Nicky created a safe space for me to truly be myself, giving me the tools and courage to shine.

Her warmth, humour and wisdom have been an incredible gift!  My gratitude to Nicky is boundless!

Mel – Business Owner, NSW, Australia.




Embody Voice Confidence


This 8-week program will help you connect with the power of your voice so you can speak with confidence

Online group program including 2 x 60 min 1:1 sessions with Nicky. 

You'll be guided into a deeper connection with the truth of who you are and will learn how to express yourself from a place of trust and self-belief.

Whether in your personal or professional life trusting yourself and knowing you can speak confidently WILL change your life and the lives of those who hear you!


This Program is for You if You Want to...

Feel confident enough in your voice to speak on video, stage or in meetings and contribute your ideas, stories, research or vision to the world.

If you are called to speak, teach, present or share your ideas and vision this program will give you the confidence to say yes and stop this fear of speaking being the thing that holds you back.  It's a skill that takes practice and you can absolutely do this.

Have greater self-awareness and self-belief and feel more connected to what your saying when speaking or presenting, teaching or lecturing.

This program will help you to manage physical nerves, doubt & self-esteem issues that stop you from using your voice and sharing something that is so unique.  Our voice is a magnificent, powerful instrument and you can use it to create a better life for yourself and others.

Be able to ASK for what you need, breathe and pause before people pleasing, let go of perfectionism and honour your own precious time and energy. 

It's hard to hear your own voice when there are so many other voices and demands on your time and energy and we're trained NOT to ask for support. This can create resentment, mis-communication and exhaustion. Taking action and practicing this skill will change your life.

What You Can Expect to Learn...

The skills, inner belief and practical tools to speak up authentically.

You will have more self-belief in your ability to use your voice in your work and personal life, so that you can get the promotion, have those difficult conversations and feel less self-conscious and critical of your voice each time you practice speaking up. 

Have resources to manage times when your voice feels shut down or diminished.

How the voice works and what can impact your voice and your self-belief

Understand how your voice works and explore what might impact your vocal instrument

We look at the role different influences have, including past trauma, family systems, cultural or systemic reasons.  

Tap into the personal and collective healing available when using your voice.

Practices to continue developing your voice both the inner and outer voice. 

Specific practices to develop and embody your own vocal and physical expression.  We will explore the themes of presence, truth, discernment, power, creativity, connection, empathy and trust in relation to your voice and confidence so that you can express yourself authentically, be heard and feel seen.

Develop a process to prepare, share & present a speech, talk or presentation

Learn and adapt (to you) a simple process to help you share and present a lecture, class, talk, presentation, or story.  Including messaging, whether to use a script or not?  It depends!  Managing an audience or working on video.

How best to prepare yourself so you have the energy, courage and focus to do your best.

"I've grown more comfortable with my voice." 

Nicky has put together a unique offering that is both fun and powerful.  As a University lecturer in the age of Zoom, being confident with my recorded voice is a necessity. 

I was drawn to the course because I hated the sound of my own voice, especially when recorded.  Through a combination of Nicky's bespoke resources and a supportive group environment, I've grown more comfortable with my voice. 

Nicky went above and beyond to ensure that everybody was included, supported and got something meaningful from the program. 

If you are curious about Embody Voice Confidence program, I encourage you to give it a go!

Dr. Scott East - Writer and University Lecturer


Here is what will be included in this program...


A pre-questionnaire (I'll review this and support you to get what you need from the program).  You'll receive this before the program starts.  It focuses on the areas of your confidence & voice that are stopping you from moving forward and expressing yourself fully in life.  I'll review your responses and we'll book our first 1:1 session so you get the individual support you need throughout the program.

B. There are 12 live group calls in total over 8 weeks, you only need to attend or watch the replay for 8 of the calls as there are additional fortnightly calls to cover different timezones OR you're welcome to do both calls during the practice weeks.

4 x 60 minute online group training sessions

6 x 60 minute physical voice and speaking practice sessions + Q&A time (If possible for these sessions it would be helpful to be in a space where you can use your voice, move around a bit and make some sound - there will be an AM and PM session, you only need to attend ONE of these although you're welcome to attend both.

2 x 60 minute sharing and presentation Calls with celebration and integration (am & pm calls to cover different timezones)

Recordings will be posted in the membership site the same day.

C. Specific weekly supporting materials, a themed video and creative worksheet.  

D. An online community space in the course portal where you can ask questions, share any insights and connect.



2 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions with Nicky

The first 1:1 session at the start to set you up and establish your goals and intention for the program and the 2nd 1:1 session at any time during the program.

You'll also have ongoing access to the materials and recordings to view anytime in the portal for at least 12 months. 

All the pre-recorded practices, creative worksheets and trainings can be downloaded. 

Everything is very digestible and respectful of your time and capacity. 

I am here for you throughout this journey so if you have questions or feel stuck in between calls then you can email or message me and if we need to get on a quick call we can.  I'd prefer you to get unstuck and moving forward + learning to ask is all part of the process.

"It has given me the courage to follow my intuition, courageously speak my truth and better deal with conflict resolution."

I felt excited to be a part of the Embody Voice Confidence program. Nicky created a warm and safe space for you to be yourself without judgement.

I feel that Nicky's voice confidence program has helped me become more grounded.

It has given me the courage to follow my intuition, courageously speak my truth and better deal with conflict resolution.

The topics presence, truth, power and trust are powerful topics that I enjoyed learning about and reflecting on. 

I loved the content and resources. Especially the pre-recorded videos by Nicky. I loved the writing exercises and the opportunity for each person to share their work. I felt a bit sad that the program was coming to an end.

I got so much out of the program. A lot of self-development, especially being a meditation teacher and executing my voice.

Nicky is a wonderful teacher with so much patience and wisdom in this field. I highly recommend Nicky as a voice confidence coach.

Lauren - Yoga and Meditation Teacher at Heart of The Hunter


Schedule of Live Call Times 


The program begins on Monday 5th February and runs for 8 weeks in total. 

Doors close on Monday February 5th 2024 Sydney Timezone (Sunday 4th Feb for ET & PT timezones).

You'll receive access to the first module on Sunday 4th February and the first live training call is on Wednesday 7th February 2024.


Zoom Live Call Dates:


You only need to attend (or watch the replay) for one of the Speaking Practice/Sharing Sessions every fortnight, there will be AM/PM sessions to cover different timezones.  You're welcome to come to both calls if you like and recordings of both will be available.


**Times are in AEDT (Sydney, Australia timezone)


Wednesday 7th February 10.00am =  Training Call 1

Tuesday 13th February 6.30pm = Voice and Speaking Practice Sessions + Q&A 

Thursday 15th February 10.00am = Voice and Speaking Practice Sessions + Q&A


Wednesday 21st February 10.00am = Training Call 2

Tuesday 27th February 6.30pm = Voice and Speaking Practice Sessions + Q&A

Thursday 29th February 10.00am = Voice and Speaking Practice Sessions + Q&A


Wednesday 6th March 10.00am = Training Call 3

Tuesday 12th March 6.30pm = Voice and Speaking Practice Sessions + Q&A

Thursday 14th March 10.00am = Voice and Speaking Practice Sessions + Q&A


Wednesday 20th March 10.00am = Training Call 4 

Tuesday 26th March 6.30pm = Sharing/ Presentation Sessions + Celebration/Integration

Thursday 28th March 10.00am = Sharing/Presentation Sessions + Celebration/Integration 


The program is a mixture of Live zoom calls (everything is recorded and posted in the portal the same day) and pre-recorded content released fortnightly in the online portal.

There are 2 live practice calls fortnightly morning and evening to cover different timezones, you can attend one or both.

Everything will remain in the portal for at least 12 months to watch afterwards and you can download all workbooks and pre-recorded content at any time.


Pre-recorded content:

Short videos exploring each theme Presence & Grounding, Truth & Discernment, Power & Creativity and Connection, Empathy & Trust.

Extra bonus short videos around using our voice such as messaging, conflict management and crafting a talk, presentation or speech.

Pre-recorded voice practices to work with and support the live calls.

Creative coaching worksheets related to each theme.

Recommended resources and research sources.

Themes & Content:

Presence & Grounding: body, breath and voice foundations 

Truth & Discernment: authentic expression, discernment and people pleasing 

Power & Creativity: capacity, leaky boundaries, harnessing your creative power 

Connection & Empathy: connection with others through your voice & presence 

Trust & Practice: sharing your voice, listening, ongoing support and practice

What will be weaved in each week: 

  • Physical movement and voice warm-ups, playing with tone, volume, support, fluency, structure, connecting breath and intention.
  • Exploration of your relationship with presence, truth, power, courage and trust and how each of these relates to you feeling more confident in your voice.
  • Bringing compassionate awareness to the places where your voice may have felt shut down, unheard or underdeveloped.
  • Cultivating joy and physical wellbeing through using your voice.
  • Practice sharing your voice in small groups and for the final H/W piece (if you choose).
  • Writing, crafting and presenting a speech, talk, poem, song, story or idea.
  • Finding your own way to speak, teach, tell stories, do presentations or have that conversation you know you need to have.

One to One Calls included in the program: 

There are 2 x 60 minute one to one calls with Nicky for the start of the program and during.  These will help to support you more individually, we can get a lot done in 60 mins and it will help to integrate the group work and content.  You can also use these to work on a specific talk, speech or presentation that you are developing or have been asked to do!  

Final sharing / presentation: 

Craft or bring a speech, talk, story, presentation, something that you’d like to work on.  The piece should be around 3-5 mins in length.  

There will be an opportunity on the final call to share a final speech, story, presentation, whatever is relevant for you, either live or via pre-recorded video or audio so that you are witnessed, celebrated and can receive feedback, should you choose this.  (This is encouraged but optional, no pressure!  You will bring and receive great value by listening and supporting others). 

We’ll be working on different pieces during the program so there will be guidance and an opportunity to practice, workshop pieces and receive feedback before the final call.

Bonus 1

2 Bonus Follow Up Coaching Calls at the end of April and Mid-May

You won't be left wondering what next at the end of the program, there are 2 bonus Group Coaching / Q&A calls at the end of April and mid-May 2024 for everyone to receive continued support and integration. ($500 Value)

Bonus 2

Yoga 5 class pass to use in person or online valid for 6-months. ($100 value)

"Last week to me felt like a real peak. I felt like I met my voice."

I am loving your course! You hold space so compassionately and inclusively. Your content on voice as we think about it, experience it and feel it has opened up many possibilities for me both in how I experience myself and engage with others.

I find the physical practices both illuminating and enlivening. I find myself humming or saying “aah" aloud when previously I would never to do this. And when I do, I feel more connected to my breath and to myself. Thank you!

I also love the idea of seeing celebration as integration, it's a transition and last week to me felt like a real peak.  I felt like I met my voice. My voice is actually bigger than the bit that's just here, it's through my whole body.

Paul - Inner Growth Coach and Yoga/Meditation Teacher

"I now feel a depth of grounded confidence when having to speak"

Working with Nicky in her Voice Confidence program was an unexpected journey into the self.

Nicky's life time of knowledge and experience was offered with an open heart. 

I now feel a depth of grounded confidence when having to speak in any manner.

I look forward to putting my new found self and tools into action. Thanks so much Nicky.

Samantha - Occupational Therapist and Artist.

Doors are now closed for this session.  Please join the waitlist below. 

Thank you 💜 

Joining the waitlist means you'll receive early bonuses and pricing + be the first to know when doors open for the next round in 2024.

About Nicky


Nicky (she/her) is a public speaking and voice confidence coach for people who want to communicate their story, ideas, message and truth with more clarity, presence, passion and connection. 

She offers one to one coaching, and group training programs in public speaking and voice confidence both online and in The Hunter Valley, Australia.

Nicky is also a yoga & meditation teacher of 20yrs and an actor 30+yrs.

She holds a BA Honours degree in Acting and Theatre studies from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and is an ERYT Yoga Teacher and Facilitator.  

She worked professionally as an actor in the UK on stage and TV and also facilitated role-play sessions for organisations on their professional training days.

Nicky has been mentored by Suzanne Sterling in her Voice of Change work and continues regular coaching with Leadership coach, Tanya Geisler. 

Her clients have included  social enterprise groups, small business owners, large organisations, leaders and CEO's in the UK, Europe and Australia.

She leads with a 'trauma informed' approach and has worked extensively with a wide variety of humans her whole life, including people with disability, people in rehab and correctional centres and high achieving individuals who want to live with greater presence, connection and peace.