Embody Voice Confidence

Online Group Program 

Join me in a live online group program 

Connect with your voice, intuition and creative power so you can re-shape the world through your story and impact.

How would it feel to be confident and present in your life? To stop feeling held back, express yourself clearly and take action on the changes you truly desire.

There’s a lot of noise out there.  It can be hard to hear our truth, and express what we need.  It's not easy to share our thoughts, vision and ideas.

Confidence is more about courage and trust and that's an inside job.  We gain confidence when we take action but we need courage and trust to take that action. 

When we feel blocked our lives and voice can get stuck in a loop of old patterns and beliefs we’ve outgrown. 

You might be feeling the pull and tug of other demands, your dreams pushed to the back of everything else.   

You might be dealing with anxiety, stress, social and cultural conditioning, overwhelm, fear or past trauma. 

Our bodies and voices are a reflection of what has happened to us and who we are being in the world.  

The more centered and connected we are the clearer and more confident our voice is, even if it’s a shaking voice.

Vulnerability can be a strength, it helps us connect with others, drop the masks and be seen for who we are.  Being out of touch with ourselves takes a lot of energy!  When we feel aligned, we get a stream of vitality that can be used for something greater.     

And life has more ease, abundance, meaning and possibility to offer. 
I'm here to help you find that possibility in your life and build powerful memories instead of hidden regrets. 

Working with Nicky on Voice Confidence has been an amazing experience for me in more ways than one.  

Not only do I feel more confident and self-aware, I also feel my creativity has been unblocked and I am writing and feeling inspired again.  

Nicky created a safe space for me to truly be myself, giving me the tools and courage to shine.  

Her warmth, humour and wisdom have been an incredible gift!  My gratitude to Nicky is boundless!

Mel – NSW, Australia.

When I started working online with Nicky she cut through a lot of my resistance. 

I was having a hard time doing video recordings and feeling confident in front of a camera. 

She listened to one of my talks and by fine-tuning into my tone and my body language, she noticed where I was not connecting with myself.  She helped me shift out of it immediately.  

I've worked with many other coaches but her insight and sensitivity really helped me move through my blocks and perceived obstacles.

Susan Regan, Psychotherapist, Divorce Mediator, Group Leader, California. 

  • You’ll learn tools to let go of emotional stress and physical tension held in the voice and body
  • You’ll get to know that wise voice inside you and be less bothered by the voice of the inner critic  
  • You’ll develop more confidence as you express your creativity and truth in a safe supportive space.
  • You’ll learn how to integrate this into your life and experiment with what works for you.
  • Your decisions and ability to act will feel clearer, more relaxed and joyful.
  • You'll learn breathing and voice techniques, movement and grounding practices to be able to use your voice safely and confidently.  
  • You'll be able to connect to the source of power and vulnerability in your voice so you can speak on stage and connect with your audience or speak your truth in work or personal relationships.
  • You'll be more aware of your potential triggers, how to navigate them and how this awareness can benefit you.
  • Have more awareness of social constructs, culture and conditioning that affect your voice.
  • Be more self-aware, within your environment and particularly around your inner voice, and how to use this as one of your strengths, tapping into the wisdom of your own guidance.  
  • Learn and implement various practices, tools, habits and processes that help you to centre, connect with your voice and express yourself confidently, practices that work for you. Practices that, with self-awareness, you’ll be able to continue developing independently beyond this program.

What’s Included?

1. A pre-questionnaire focusing on the areas of your confidence & voice that are stopping you from moving forward and expressing yourself fully in life.

2. We’ll meet for 4 x 90 minute online group teaching/practice sessions.  Recordings will be posted in the membership site afterwards.

3. Weekly Supporting materials & Resources along with practices to work on.  They will be a combination of written practices, audio and video.

4. One to one session with Nicky.

5. 4 x dedicated Q&A coaching calls.

6. An online community where you can ask questions, share any insights and connect.

You'll have access to the materials and recordings to download or view anytime in the portal. 

Everything is very digestible and respectful of your time and capacity. 

The work is here to meet you and where you are at.


To be confirmed.  The program will run for 8 weeks. 

There will be 4 livestream online teaching/practice and sharing sessions + 4 Dedicated Q&A group coaching sessions + a private session to use at anytime during the 8 weeks.

You'll also receive a weekly lesson via email and in the membership site every Monday. 

All live sessions will be recorded and you can send in any questions before and after.

Module 1- Presence.
Module 2- Truth.
Module 3- Power.
Module 4- Trust

+ 4 x Dedicated Q&A group coaching sessions, dates to be confirmed.

To go on a waitlist for the next time I run this program please contact me here or book a free call below.


If you have any questions then please book a free 20 minute consultation to see if this program is a good fit and would be a wise investment of your time and resources.  I strongly believe that growth and healing starts with human connection and that everyone involved in the program has a unique contribution to make.

You'll be emailed some welcome details following payment.  You'll also receive a pre-program form so I can get to know more about what you might need before we start.

10% of all payments go to organisations supporting women and children who are re-building their lives following domestic violence or abuse.  Last year this went to a wonderful local organisation called Jodie's place. 


Why work with Nicky?

I'm pretty good at seeing 'you' and have over 30 years of combined experience dancing and acting professionally on stage and TV along with over 15yrs teaching yoga and meditation in the UK and Australia. 

I have a degree in Theatre Studies, which included 3yrs of voice and movement training.  Along with more in depth training whilst working as a performer.  I also have yoga and meditation experience (& certificates) spanning 30 years. 

I'm committed to deepening my own growth every year, including women's yogini practices, yin, mantra, meditation and trauma awareness.  I regularly get back on stage to perform and continue to facilitate weekly yoga and voice sessions.

This is a program that can go deep, we embody what we say and feel whilst still working with technique, story, self-awareness and physical presence. 

It's a powerful combination and I'm committed to seeing you express your truth and needs and to feel ready to use your voice for good in the world.

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If you aren't sure or you'd like to talk more about whether this might be a good fit then book a free 20 minute call with me.

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Working with Nicky has helped me to connect more deeply with my voice and trust in my intuition.  

Nicky held such a beautiful safe space where I could speak with vulnerability, allowing me to hear and feel what my voice was wanting to express.  

I am so deeply grateful for Nicky’s online voice coaching sessions – I felt heard, inspired and held.  I feel so much more confident in my own voice and speaking from a place of Truth.  

I highly recommend “Voice Confidence Coaching” to anyone who feels they have something to say but their voice has been shutdown. 

Jane Hardy – www.bodymastery.co

Thanks again Nicky for what I believe was a very (life-changing for some), needed and appreciated Teacher Professional Learning session. 

I have never received a text message from 100% of people attending to say thank you and what an amazing time they all had.
Every one of them said they wished it went even longer and that they have never felt so relaxed.
Thank you so much it really was such a powerful and meaningful session.
You are amazing at what you do, share it with the world!!

Emily - Hunter Valley, NSW

By the end of this program you will:

  • Know how to work with your voice safely & effectively.
  • Feel more confident in expressing your truth.
  • Have a stronger, more vibrant & resonant quality to your voice.
  • Feel more confident to share your voice through written or spoken word/presentations/performances/speaking on stage or on video.
  • Feel more confident to have difficult conversations and stand in your truth.
  • Be more aware of triggers and how to navigate them as they arise.
  • Have a practice you can work with to keep developing your voice.
  • Know how to bring yourself back to your centre and hear your truth.
  • Feel confident to be more of who you are in the world.
  • Have more impact with your words and presence.
  • Have clearer boundaries and understanding of your own needs and support.

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If you aren't sure or you'd like to talk more about whether this might be a good fit then book a free 20 minute call with me.

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