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 "The message behind the words is the voice of the heart"


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Finding Your Voice

Our voice is a natural gift yet many of us have issues with speaking up, and expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions in ways that are authentic to who we are.

Over the years many of us express what we believe is expected of us, or what we have come to believe conforms to the “norms” of the culture we are surrounded by.

And yet more and more research shows how detrimental it is to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing when we don't feel able to express our true self.

In ancient societies and within some contemporary cultures using the voice to express emotions including grief and joy is a natural part of life.  In the West we have mostly lost this practice.

In this training Nicky will share tools and practices to reconnect with OUR UNIQUE voice, from deep within. 

Helping to overcome doubt &  self-esteem issues that stop us from using our voice and celebrating this magnificent, powerful instrument.

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This training is for all humans who want to develop greater confidence in finding and using their voice.

You might be a teacher, student, facilitator, speaker, business owner or someone who simply wants to ask for what they need and set clearer boundaries.

What can you expect to gain from this program?

  • You will have more confidence in your ability to use your voice in your work and personal life.
  • Understand how your voice works and what might impact this instrument including trauma, family, cultural or systemic reasons.
  • Have practices to continue developing your own vocal expression and presence.
  • Have tools and ways to cultivate more courage, power and trust within yourself.
  • Feel less self-conscious and critical of your voice so you can practice speaking up.
  • Have resources to manage times when your voice feels shut down or diminished.
  • Tap into the personal and collective healing available when using your voice.
  • Develop a simple process to help you share and present a lecture, class, talk, presentation, or story.

“Imagine breath support and connection as a unit; both work together fluidly and are completely interlinked.  That fluidity is the factor which keeps the voice safe and powerful all the time." ~ Patsy Rodenburg from 'The Right to Speak'

Working with Nicky on Voice Confidence has been an amazing experience for me in more ways than one.  

Not only do I feel more confident and self-aware, I also feel my creativity has been unblocked and I am writing and feeling inspired again.  

Nicky created a safe space for me to truly be myself, giving me the tools and courage to shine.

Her warmth, humour and wisdom have been an incredible gift!  My gratitude to Nicky is boundless!

Mel – NSW, Australia.


Early enrollment will be available soon - sign up below to hear about it first


Presence & Grounding: body, breath and voice foundations 

Truth & Discernment: authentic expression, discernment and people pleasing 

Power & Creativity: capacity, leaky boundaries, harnessing your creative power 

Connection & Empathy: connection with others through your voice & presence 

Trust & Practice: sharing your voice, listening, ongoing support and practice 

+ Integration/Q&A/Sharing Calls/Ongoing Community & Support


Physical movement and voice warm-ups, playing with tone, volume, support, fluency, structure, connecting breath and intention.

Exploration of your relationship with presence, truth, power, courage and trust and how each of these relates to you feeling more confident in your voice.

Bringing compassionate awareness to the places where your voice may have felt shut down, unheard or underdeveloped.

Cultivating joy and physical wellbeing through using your voice.

Practice sharing your voice in small groups and for the final H/W piece (if you choose).

Writing, crafting and presenting a speech, talk, poem, song, story or idea.

Finding your own way to speak, teach, tell stories, do presentations or have that conversation you know you need to have.


Craft or bring a speech, talk, story, presentation, something that you’d like to work on.  The piece should be around 3-5 mins in length.  There will be an opportunity on the final call to share this piece either live or via pre-recorded video or audio so that you are witnessed, celebrated and can receive feedback, should you choose this.  We’ll be working on the pieces during the program so there will be guidance and an opportunity to practice before the final call.

When I started working online with Nicky she cut through a lot of my resistance. 

I was having a hard time doing video recordings and feeling confident in front of a camera. 

She listened to one of my talks and by fine-tuning into my tone and my body language, she noticed where I was not connecting with myself.  She helped me shift out of it immediately.  

I've worked with many other coaches but her insight and sensitivity really helped me move through my blocks and perceived obstacles.

Susan Regan, Psychotherapist, Divorce Mediator, Group Leader, California. 

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About Nicky

Nicky (She/Her) is a voice facilitator and mentor for people who want to embody their voice, be present, find inner peace and communicate bravely. 

She offers one to one mentoring, and group training programs in embodying voice confidence both online and in The Hunter Valley, Australia.  She helps people embody presence, power, courage and trust so they feel more confident using their voice.   

Nicky has been a yoga teacher for 18yrs and an actor for 30yrs. She holds a BA Honours degree in Acting and Theatre studies from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and is an ERYT Yoga Teacher and Facilitator. 

She has also trained in women's embodiment faciliator work with Chameli Ardagh and had many years of coaching with Suzanne Sterling in her Voice of Change work and Tanya Geisler in her Imposter Complex and Impeccable Impact work.  She has facilitated groups and mentored people in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Her clients have included corporate and social enterprise groups, people with disabilities, billionaire business owners and people who’ve experienced trauma, including those in rehab and correctional centres.

She lives amongst the trees with her partner of 18yrs who works in social justice and wood sculpture and a characterful Borador dog called Daisy.


Early enrollment will be available soon - sign up below to hear about it first

I am so grateful to have worked with Nicky on her voice confidence program. Nicky is a beautiful soul and inspiring mentor and teacher.  

Whilst doing the voice confidence program it helped release emotional blocks from my childhood. I feel that Nicky's voice confidence program has helped me become more grounded.

It has given me the courage to follow my intuition, courageously speak my truth and better deal with conflict resolution.

The topics presence, truth, power and trust are powerful topics that I enjoyed learning about and reflecting on. 

She has incredible gifts to share with the world and help other people.  It is always an honor to be in Nicky's presence. 

Lauren from 'Heart of the Hunter'

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