Self-Care Conversations: The Power of Yoga and Voice


Self Care Conversations Episode 2 from Jane Hardy on Vimeo.  The Power of Yoga and Voice with Nicky West.

I hope everyone is keeping well. It was wonderful to be interviewed by Jane Hardy from last week about self-care during this time of isolation. I hope you enjoy. She has regular interviews happening at the moment all around different ways to approach self-care.

I moved my classes and most of my one to one clients online on March 23rd. It's lifted us all to continue being able to see each other (albeit virtually). I'll continue with more of my work online ongoing. There will always be in-person work too, nothing quite equals being in the same physical space, just not right now. I'm still planning a retreat in France around Sept 2021. I'm feeling more than ever my heart wanting to see family and friends in the UK.

It's also a privilege right now to be able to adapt my work, something I don't take for granted. Things like having a partner and dog to cuddle, a home to isolate in surrounded by beautiful trees and nature. Along with just enough food and toilet paper to not have to venture out more than once a week! AND I'm still having to slow down and expect less of myself in terms of productivity. The body takes longer to catch up so let's give ourselves time to honour our real capacity right now.

It's not the same for everyone, we're not all in the same boat and we all cope in different ways.

I still have a vivid memory during the fires a few months ago of how fear felt in my body. Evacuating and not being able to sleep took its toll and my fight, flight, freeze response was occurring daily. There are many in our human family globally right now who are suffering. There are many who don't have access to clean water, food or healthcare.

If the virus has given us anything, then it's a true perspective of who and what keeps communities alive and thriving. The people we can't do without and need to value as such. Frontline healthcare workers, service providers who work with people who have a disability and in care homes for our Elders. Taxi and Uber drivers. Retail workers, food suppliers and postal workers. Along with many more who are continuing to serve right now.

They are the people I'm thinking about every day and I've loved the communities showing their gratitude. People singing on their balconies and terraced streets in solidarity and cheering the healthcare workers. The taxi driver taking patients for free to the hospital, and receiving an envelope of cash and a huge round of applause from the hospital workers. These are the stories that show the human spirit and what is possible. Let's hope we can continue to value the people who care for us all. That we can take some steps towards shifting our own values as a global community towards kindness and sustainability. That we encourage the amazing gifts we each have as humans for the benefit of everyone, including the planet.

Stay well, until next time xo

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