Letting Go of Excess Baggage

I go away next week for a brief trip to the UK after 5yrs and it’s given me a moment to reflect on that time. As I sit on the deck of our little bush home in the forest, something we’d been dreaming of for 10yrs, I’m feeling very grateful and lucky to be here, I remember the strong resistance to leaving London 5yrs ago, I loved it and found it hard to let go, something I’m sure we all experience at times.

My resistance at the time was totally futile and created unnecessary stress, as here I am perfectly happy. Of course I didn’t know that then but I did have my yoga practice, ways to express & experience in ‘surrendering’ to circumstance to help me out a little. All this enabled me to finally trust and find my own ways to move through that resistance and be happy here now, without resentment or regret.

Part of the practice of yoga is to surrender or let go of that which no longer serves us (and others), and I like the way that life gives us opportunities to practice where we are at with this. Letting go of this particular resistance took me a lot longer than I thought; we might be able to surrender on the mat but what happens when we take the practice into our lives? It’s good to find out sometimes.

We don’t always have control over what happens, we’re all trying to work together and it doesn’t always go our way, which is a good thing! But we do have a say over how we respond to our lives as they unfold. If I had said a few words to myself back then it would have been something along the lines of…

Let go of worrying about the future it’ll all be good! Ok, there will be a few minor crashes along the way but you’ll survive and be in a place to thrive… you might be feeling pain now and maybe regretting your choices? But this will pass and you will be grateful for those decisions. Keep going and focus on being where you are at – try not to push or force the situation, I know it’s hard but see if you can be still a while.

I understand you have no money or home but this will change, let it go for now, there will be some adventures you wouldn’t want to miss along the way!

Stay present and trust – allow your future to unfold from each moment, let yourself receive and give yourself whatever healing practices are available… stay true and in a place of compassion – let your feelings be free, take time alone, use your voice and express yourself to the rocks, trees and ocean, nature is your friend. Allow the crashing waves to absorb your pain, breathe in the salty air and new possibilities, and cry all you need to, eventually the river will dry up.

Keep breathing softly and when you feel the impulse to run – stop and feel the earth beneath your feet, if just for a few moments… let go of the old… go for new opportunities… and stop worrying…all will be good.

As we let go of resistance there is a softening and vulnerability that is revealed, which isn’t necessarily comfortable or familiar depending on who we are – let’s see if we can trust and allow more softening whether it’s within our attitudes and thoughts or physically in our bodies.

When we connect with where we are vulnerable we find the places where we can grow and expand. We remain human and in touch with our compassion.

I’ll share some practices that can help us let go and work with resistance next time. Meanwhile check in daily and notice the little ways in which we resist simply being in the present moment and see if you can take a few minutes each day to tune back into your breath, relax your belly and jaw and feel the earth beneath your feet – then look around, drop the excess baggage and enjoy being present with whatever you are engaged in.

Until next time… travel light xx


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