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Private Coaching and Mentoring

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Welcome - I’m Nicky. 

I coach space holders, coaches and conscious business owners to speak with purpose (and passion) so they can feel confident to lead, guide and collaborate with others authentically.


Your private coaching sessions focus on you and your needs, growth and development. We look at how you can express yourself clearly, confidently and creatively so you feel heard and validated whether that's in your work, business or personal life.



It starts with self-leadership and finding your voice beneath the layers of conditioning, habits, beliefs, emotions, cultural and systemic impacts that impact us all and a body, mind and voice that has held all of this and is ready to be free. 

There will be powerful questions to reflect on and actions to take towards building greater confidence and self-belief and in using your voice with power and potency.

You’ll practise vocal and creative exercises, speaking and communicating throughout the coaching experience, along with cultivating your presence and a deeply strong connection to your voice and leadership.

Coaching is a partnership and I'm here to help you stay aligned with your values, vision and heart so you can use your voice with integrity and power.

Most importantly coaching will help you connect with your inner voice so you can manage self-doubt, perfectionism and fear with skill, empathy and courage.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you. Please reach out with any questions or book a 20 minute complimentary discovery call below.

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Nicky helped me so much with my presenting skills. I am a university lecturer and I was struggling with my confidence and feeling overwhelmed about delivering my lectures online for the first time this year.

In my private coaching sessions with Nicky, she gave me a breathing and warm-up routine to run through before presenting. I run through this every time before I present and it helps me feel centred and confident.

Nicky went above and beyond with helping me. She listened to my lectures between sessions and gave me invaluable feedback. I have so much more confidence and belief in myself as a lecturer and studio leader now that I can really enjoy my job.” 

Helen Diacono - Lecturer, Researcher and Entrepreneur.

 🍃  You are likely sensitive, empathetic and caring, someone who might end up taking on more than your fair share because it was hard to say 'no'.  

🍃  You're also someone with great wisdom and experience. People come to you for advice and support. You have a lot to offer but might not be sure where to start when it comes to allowing your own voice to be expressed.

🍃  You might lack confidence and don’t like the way you speak, or you might feel like your voice doesn’t sound like you’d imagined and you want it to feel like it really belongs to you.

🍃  You often feel unable to speak in groups or in front of people. The words don’t come. You don’t feel heard. You can’t seem to project your voice. You panic at the thought of situations that ask you to speak in public.

🍃  You want to feel comfortable to speak up or get on stage and be vulnerable and express who you really are to the people around you.  

 🍃 It can be hard to hear your truth amongst the noise, like you’ve lost connection with your ‘real’ voice inside.  

🍃 You end up wasting your precious time and energy on what other people might think of you instead of trusting your own intuition and taking action on what truly matters to you.

I see you and know how hard and frustrating this can feel. I’ve been there and struggled to express my voice, be confident in who I truly am, and feel like I'm being heard. It’s caused pain, missed opportunities and times when it would have been healthier for me to say 'no' instead of 'yes'.

No regrets, it’s a process!  Beliefs that weren't helpful and trauma from adverse childhood experiences to manage and move on from. Along with putting others' needs before my own and a perceived lack of resources and support, it's been a journey. However I’m truly grateful for not giving up AND for making the decision to keep moving forward with my truth and dreams.  

I asked for support instead of trying to do ALL the things on my own. I’ve learnt to appreciate and honour my gifts, put myself first more often, and cherish what is truly sacred and joyful for me.

I learnt to speak my truth to people who mattered to me from a place of understanding and empathy instead of reacting from my own unresolved places.

It hasn’t always looked like I thought it would. Some dreams I’d given up on reappeared in a different form. The journey isn't over, in fact it's just beginning as we all continue to be a work in progress.

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Private Coaching 


Book a discovery call 

This is a complimentary chat to decide if we are a good fit for coaching.  We can talk about what you’d like to achieve together and what level of support would give you the best outcome and experience.  I'm looking forward to connecting with you. 



The speaker session 

This is a power packed 90 minute speaker coaching session that is ideal for bringing your speech, talk, performance or presentation to life.  Dive into the mindset of what maybe stopping you from speaking more confidently and learn some practices to improve your vocal presence and range.  Gain skills and techniques that will work for you and your audience when you speak on stage, in meetings, at workshops or events. Whether you’re delivering your talk online or in person we will practise and bring to life your talk or presentation so you feel confident and prepared. 


🍀 A pre-questionnaire 

🍀 A deep dive 90 minute coaching session.

🍀 Follow up steps + recording of the session.  

Investment: $375


*All pricing is in Australian dollars.

🍀 Additional sessions can be added on for more in depth support including writing, editing and preparing the delivery of your talk, workshop or presentation. 



Voice Confidence and Self-Leadership Mentoring

Go deeper into building your confidence, public speaking and self-leadership.  Build practices to strengthen and develop your voice and physicality and your presence and power when speaking. 

Develop one or more signature talks that you can use in your business or workplace, or craft a series of stories and experiences you can use socially.  We can work with role-play and improvisation or find what works best for you to feel confident in social situations.

Longer containers are ideal if you want someone by your side to keep you on track with your speaking and leadership goals, help you overcome any fears, cultivate self-leadership and develop a strong inner confidence that you can bring to everything in your life.

This timeframe will help you to go deeper and have ongoing support as you practise skills, establish new patterns and habits and take action on your speaking and creative leadership goals.


🍃  2 x 90 minute one to one coaching calls per month for 3 months

🍃  Voxer or Whatspp support in between sessions - response time within 48 hrs - usually the same day.

🍃  Scripting and working together on speeches, talks, performances and presentations with feedback in between sessions.

🍃 Supportive extra content like meditations, embodiment practices or inquiry questions to support you with fear or doubt around using your voice.

🍃 Establish a personal self-leadership practice that supports you with adjustments along the way to work with your life.

🍃 This coaching container can be adapted to what you most want and how you’d prefer to communicate i.e. audio without video for some coaching calls or quick video messages instead of text.  The first stage is to book a discovery call and see what might work within the parameters above.


Monthly: $750 per month (3-months minimum.)

Pay in full for 3-months: $2,250 and receive an additional 45 minute coaching session.

Pay in full for 6-months: $4,500 and receive two additional 45 minute coaching sessions. 

*All pricing is in Australian dollars.


If you know you’d like longer than 3-months of coaching support there is the option to book 6-months.

Longer payment plans can be arranged. 

Each container can be adapted to what works for you and how you’d best prefer to communicate i.e. audio without video for some coaching calls or quick video messages instead of text.

The first stage is to book a discovery call and see what might work within the parameters above.

*Prefer to work in person or over more a more condensed time during a visit to The Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia?  Please contact me.

*I intentionally hold a couple of spaces for private coaching with sliding scale justice pricing.  This is open to people who are underrepresented or economically disadvantaged - please contact me for more details and to go on a waitlist for when spaces open up. 

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Working with Nicky has helped me to connect more deeply with my voice and trust in my intuition.  Nicky held such a beautiful safe space where I could speak with vulnerability, allowing me to hear and feel what my voice was wanting to express.  I am so deeply grateful for Nicky’s online voice coaching sessions – I felt heard, inspired and held.  I feel so much more confident in my own voice and speaking from a place of Truth.  I highly recommend “Voice Confidence Coaching” to anyone who feels they have something to say but their voice has been shutdown. 

Jane Hardy – www.bodymastery.co

🍃  You’ll get to know that wise voice inside you and be less bothered by the voice of the inner critic  

🍃  You’ll develop more confidence as you express your voice and truth in a supportive space

🍃  You’ll have time to integrate our coaching into your life and experiment with what works for you

🍃  Your decisions and ability to act will feel clearer and more joyful

🍃  You'll be actively using your voice through written or spoken word/presentations/performances

🍃  You’ll develop a practice you can work with to keep strengthening and connecting with your voice

🍃  You'll know how to bring yourself back to your centre and hear your truth

🍃  You’ll feel confident to be more of who you are in the world

🍃  You’’ll have clearer boundaries and a greater understanding of your own needs

🍃  You’ll deep dive into uncovering any blocks/conditioning around your voice

🍃  You’ll feel more confident in expressing your truth, in whatever form that takes.

Why work with Nicky?

I'm pretty good at seeing 'you' and have over 35 years of combined experience acting professionally on stage, TV & film, along with over 20 years teaching yoga and meditation in the UK and Australia. 

I have a BA Honours degree in Performance and Theatre Studies and 35+ years of acting, voice, yoga, meditation and personal development work. 

I'm committed to deepening my own development and growth every year including voice-work, meditation, social justice and DEI, coaching best practice, embodiment and somatic training and trauma awareness. 

I write and get back on stage when I can to perform and keep that spark alive. I also continue to facilitate yoga, meditation and voice sessions - the foundations of this work.

This is a coaching program that provides a confidential space to explore healing the core connection to your own voice, working with inquiry, storytelling techniques, self-awareness, power, empathy and presence. 

I regularly receive feedback about the quality of safety and inclusivity felt in the space from individuals and group participants. It's important to me and I'm always open and willing to receive feedback and change anything that doesn't align with this value.

It's a powerful combination when we use physical embodiment practices, coaching and mindset/intuitive approaches in a space where you can grow with full support. 

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When I started working online with Nicky she cut through a lot of my resistance.  I was having a hard time doing video recordings and feeling confident in front of a camera.  She patiently listened to one of my talks and by fine-tuning into my tone and my body language, she noticed where I was not connecting with myself.  The few tips she gave me about this moment helped me shift out of it immediately.

She gave me a technique I use all the time.  Whenever I feel my mind is going faster than my speaking voice I do that physical cue.  I've now been able to slow down and pace myself during video appearances.

She also gave me a tip that helped me choose the right outfits for my photo shoot, the photographer loved all of them, I felt prepared for the shoot and could relax.

It's the little things that Nicky can cue into that makes all the difference. 

I've worked with many other coaches but her insight and sensitivity really helped me move through my blocks and perceived obstacles.

Susan Regan, Online Coach, Psychotherapist, Divorce Mediator and Group Leader, San Francisco-California. http://solutionstherapyandmediation.com/

Book a discovery call with me

If you'd like to talk more about the kind of support that might work for you then book a free 20 minute call with me, I'll make sure you leave with a practice or approach that you can put into action.  

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