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Hi, I’m Nicky, thanks for visiting my home online.

I’m a voice and leadership coach from the UK and Australia.  I run an online voice confidence program and offer one-to-one coaching sessions.

I’ve been an actor, writer and poet with a passion for social justice for most of my life and first started training in yoga at the age of 17.

I’m originally from the North of England, somewhere in-between Liverpool and Wales. After living and working in various places all over the world I’ve landed amongst the trees in the Aussie bush with my partner, and the amazing wildlife here.

I’ve always got a little notebook with me and tend to process my experiences through writing, movement, and spoken word. 

Yoga, meditation and the arts took me from a place of anger, rebellion and trauma to a place where I know myself, my truth, values and what I stand for.  It's been a long journey but I follow my heart, my intuition and my discernment whilst listening openly to the wisdom carriers that regularly appear in my life in various forms.  

My intention is to express this truth as compassionately, creatively and generously as possible and to support the coaches, leaders and change makers to use their voice in creating a better world for us all.

Who I work with...

You are someone who wants to live with intention and presence.  

To lead your life with kindness, generosity and inclusivity.  You have integrity and are dedicated to transformation within yourself and the world.  You are resourceful and committed to using your voice to live a bigger life and have a positive impact on the planet.

You are seeking to create change in your own life, within your community, workplace or family.  You want to find the courage to speak up when it’s needed, and to lead from a place of empowered presence.

You're open to listening deeply to your own truth and to question the beliefs that no longer serve you. 

You want to be empowered to truly value what you do in the world and therefore have more economic power and say. 

You might want to leave relationships or workplaces that are toxic for you.  To be able to speak up without layering guilt or shame on top.

You want to be able to step forward courageously to fulfil your dreams and desires.  

As a teacher, leader, coach, artist and change maker you will influence how we evolve as human beings and you want that influence to be aligned with your truth and positive for the planet.

Working with Nicky on Voice Confidence has been an amazing experience for me in more ways than one.  

Not only do I feel more confident and self-aware, I also feel my creativity has been unblocked and I am writing and feeling inspired again.  

Nicky created a safe space for me to truly be myself, giving me the tools and courage to shine.  

Her warmth, humour and wisdom have been an incredible gift!  My gratitude to Nicky is boundless!

Mel – NSW, Australia.

Yoga, meditation, and various healing modalities initially helped to support me emotionally, mentally and physically as a performing artist through my 20's into my 30's, both as a professional dancer and an actor working on stage and television.

Yoga then evolved into more than a self-practice as I began to deepen my study further.  After my third teacher training in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa and Meditation I began to teach full-time from 2003 in Australia and the UK. 

I've completed many further trainings since then (including in Meditation, Yin and Restorative Yoga), Voice, Sound, Women's Embodiment practices, Women's leadership, Business and Social Justice, Trauma Informed and Equity and Diversity programs.

I’ve taught yoga, voice, relaxation and meditation to professional creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, billionaires, healers, women in rehab/prison, adults with autism, and people working in the education and social support professions both in Australia and the UK. 

Over the past 5 years and continuing, I've been working in depth with Suzanne Sterling from Off the Mat into the World through her Voice of Change program and Sacred Leadership training (co-run with Ravyn Gerri Stansfield). 

I also continue to be coached by Tanya Geisler in her powerful Imposter Complex and Impeccable Impact work and I trained with the wonderful Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

I honour and feel deep gratitude for these space holders who continue to hold space for me as I do this work too.  

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Dear Nicky, we thoroughly enjoy your private classes, you are a great inspiration to us, always calm, patient, and happy.  You are just a beautiful person to learn from.  Thank you for all the wonderful lessons and hopefully many more to come in the future.”

Marisa & Jovan – Sydney, NSW

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Ways to work with me:


If you are looking for yoga and wellbeing sessions all the details are linked below.


Thanks again for what I believe was a very (life-changing for some) needed and appreciated Teacher Professional Learning session. 

I have never received a text message from 100% of people attending to say thank you and what an amazing time they all had.
Every one of them said they wished it went even longer and that they have never felt so relaxed.
Thank you so much it really was such a powerful and meaningful session. You are amazing at what you do, share it with the world!!

Emily - Hunter Valley, NSW

Book a call with me

If you'd like to talk more about different coaching options and what might be a good fit then book a free 20 minute call with me, I'll let you know if I can support you and we can both see whether we'd be a good fit or I might recommend something else.

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